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Presidents Races 2014

Globe Rowing Club - Presidents Races 2014

2014 I finally got a place in the beginners course for my local rowing club, this summer I've been transitioning from beginner to something fractionally better and on the 12th I participated in my first races.

  • Race 2, mens 8's
  • Race 3, mens 4 coxed fours

Both of which I participated in the winning boat :-)


October 2014

QEMU-IGDVFIO Project is about extending the Virtual Function Input/Output (VFIO) to support Intel Integrated Graphics Devices (IGD) in QEMU, a virtual machine emulator and virtualiser.

LED PSU Controller

January 2014


The goals for this part of the Ambilight Clone project are:

Ambilight Clone

October 2013

Inspired by Phillips Ambilight, this project is motivated to achieve a similar dynamic backlight for TV.

Ambilight works by partitioning the perimeter of the display and associating the partitions with an external RGB LED. The partitions are sampled for their average colour and brightness the result is given to the associated RGB LED. This achieves both a comfortable viewing experience with reduce eye-strain and the illusion of the display merging into its surroundings, appearing larger.

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